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MacDermid Alpha Presents Keynote & EV Solutions to Increase Efficiency by 40% at Automotive Electrical & Electronics Summit featured Image
MacDermid Alpha Presents Keynote & EV Solutions to Increase Efficiency by 40% at Automotive Electrical & Electronics Summit

MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions, the leading global supplier of integrated circuit, assembly and semiconductor solutions for the electronics design and manufacturing industries, will be showcasing their unrivalled total process solutions at this year’s Automotive Electrical & Electronics Summit. With over 300 delegates expected from all over India and overseas, the Automotive Electrical & Electronics Summit will take place at the Hotel Feathers in Chennai, India, on the 8th December.

Focused on materials, chemicals, circuitry and advanced electronics, MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions enables automotive OEMs to accomplish several design goals to achieve increased vehicle reliability, performance, safety and aesthetics. Full scale EV solutions from MacDermid Alpha can help improve electric vehicle efficiency by as much as 40%, with a 75% potential reduction in die count and a 35% reduction in inverter weight. Senior representatives from MacDermid Alpha’s industry leading brands, including ALPHA, Electrolube, and MacDermid Enthone will exhibit next generation flagship technologies for every step of electric vehicle production, providing complete material solutions that help manufacturers achieve significant improvements to range, power and reliability.

During the Summit at 3.15pm, Dr. Ravi M. Bhatkal, Managing Director of Element Solutions, Inc., India, will present a keynote, entitled, “Advanced Materials in Electric Vehicle Applications”.  Dr. Bhatkal will talk about how advanced materials are critical to reducing weight, improving efficiency, extending range and improving the reliability of key EV sub-systems, such as the powertrain and ADAS. Focusing on interconnect and protection technologies, Dr. Bhatkal will also cover how select advanced material technologies can provide benefits to accelerate EV adoption.

Visitors are invited to meet MacDermid Alpha’s leading specialists from ALPHA, Electrolube, and MacDermid Enthone, during the 2022 Summit.  Featuring on the booth will be the ALPHA ARGOMAX sinter materials for EV traction inverters and ALPHA’s high reliability solder pastes and alloys, which have been proven to increase thermal and mechanical performance in ADAS assemblies, even in the harshest environments. MacDermid Enthone’s XtraForm Films, which increase smart surface functionality, will also be on show during the Summit. Electrolube will show how their core product groups are making EVs safer and more reliable with their extensive range of thermal management, conformal coating and encapsulation resin technologies. From Battery Management Systems to displays and connectivity, MacDermid Alpha can provide manufacturers with a complete end-to-end supply of world leading innovations across every aspect of the assembly process and beyond, as well as a superior, centralized knowledgebase, to support customers at every stage of their application.

Dr. Ravi M. Bhatkal, Managing Director of Element Solutions, Inc., India, comments, “We are delighted to participate in this year’s Automotive Electrical & Electronics Summit and to have the opportunity to show how our extensive range of technologies can not only reduce vehicle weight, integrate smart surface displays and increase the range of EVs without incurring cost or additional battery weight, but we can also improve the reliability of advanced safety systems to reduce the risk of recalls. Innovation, collaboration and providing a complete solution are absolutely central to everything we do, and we are looking forward to sharing our expertise and flagship products for every stage of EV production at this prominent industry event.”

MacDermid Alpha proactively responds to industry needs, ensuring our customers always stay one step ahead, and where innovation is concerned, MacDermid Alpha regularly identifies new opportunities to develop cutting-edge technologies that enable our customers to achieve faster throughput and cost-efficiency, with increased reliability, lifetime and performance of devices in their end-use environments.