Industrial and Consumer Electronics

Electrolube provides solutions for a very broad range of applications that fall under the headings of industrial and consumer electronics.

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Industrial electronics predominantly deal with power electronics and include items such as sensors, AC/DC drives, meters, resistors, semiconductors and much more. Arguably, industrial electronics involve higher volumes and the necessity for a faster throughput (production time); in addition, the environment and conditions in which industrial electronics must operate are likely to be more extreme. Electronic components must be able to withstand a high volume of cycles for many years and be well protected from elements such as moisture, vibration, thermal shock and chemical attack.

Examples of some typical consumer electronics include TV’s, typical white goods such as washing machines, fans (heating and cooling), refrigerators, mobile phones, digital cameras and much more. Safety and reliability are critical elements to be considered for consumer electronics that are widely used in homes throughout the world. For example, electronic devices subject to high moisture environments, (such as domestic bathrooms) must be able to operate safely and with a high degree of reliability. Flame retardant approvals, effective adhesion and protection against ingress of moisture are all of critical importance.

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Smoke detectors are an example of a device that fall into both industrial and consumer usage; their safe and reliable operation can be the difference between life and death. Electrolube’s experience in provision of effective and reliable electro-chemical solutions ensures device reliability, effective heat dissipation, longevity of performance but also the look and quality of a device. Our range of Conformal Coatings, Encapsulation Resins, Thermal Management materials and Contact Lubricants not only meet, but exceed the challenges posed by industrial and consumer electronic requirements.


Washing Machine Control Panels
Customer had an issue where the washing machines would not switch on if plugged in immediately after delivery and unwrapping from the packaging. On investigation, they found that there was condensation forming on the control PCB due to external changes in temperature during storage as the plastic wrapping had sealed in moisture. The condensation was causing the PCB to fail, however after evaporation, the washing machine would switch on but this wait was deemed unacceptable.


AFA conformal coating due to its excellent protection against humid environments. The use of AFA prevented water contact on the PCB and so the machine would switch on immediately after unwrapping.


Vacuum Cleaner Electronics
Customer had an issue where the vacuum cleaner was failing before the end of the warranty period. The issue was that if the customer used the vacuum cleaner on a wet surface, the water could end up in the electronics, thus causing the failure.


UVCLX was offered as the solution. This fit the requirement for the customers’ production throughput due to the UV cure process being exceptionally rapid. In addition, UVCLX offered a much higher level of protection against water than a standard solvent based coating. This meant that the electronics were protected even if liquids remained in the vicinity of the electronics for prolonged periods of time.


Protecting Switches in an Industrial Oven
The customer had numerous switches and connectors in their industrial ovens. Under certain conditions and after prolonged period of use, corrosion was found on some connectors. In other cases, there were also unexplained failures of the contacts.


CG60 offered to protect all contacts and switches within the ovens. CG60 protected the surfaces from corrosion due to high moisture/steam ingress. It also offered excellent plastics compatibility and good electrical performance under the strenuous conditions present. The use of this contact lubricant was very successful at improving the lifetime of the ovens, particularly those used in professional kitchens.


CG60 Contact Grease


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