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Thermal Gap Filler

GF400 is a two part, liquid silicone based gap filler, which provides excellent thermal performance.

Product Codes

GF400_50ML - 50ml Cartridge / Syringe
GF400_400ML - 400ml Cartridge

Product Description

GF400 thermal gap filler is a two part, liquid silicone based thermally conductive material which cures at room temperature or can be accelerated using heat. It has exceptional thermal performance (4.0 W/m.K) and after curing GF400 forms a low modulus elastomer preventing the ‘pump-out phenomenon’.

As with all thermal interface materials, we would always encourage stringent testing before selecting a material for your application. For further information please refer to the product TDS, or get in touch with our Technical Support Team who are always on hand to ‘Talk Solutions’

Key properties

  • Soft and compliant for low stress applications
  • Low viscosity; easy to dispense
  • High thermal conductivity
  • Low modulus elastomer, prevents 'pump-out'